TIRED: storing text as a linked list of characters

WIRED: converting between lazy and strict Text instances all over the place


love too wait seventeen seconds at some completely random time because macOS suddenly decided that it needs to spin up my external hard drive and then wait synchronously for it

PROBLEM: I need to modify this text in a way that would take three minutes

SOLUTION: I spent 25 minutes figuring out the most efficent way to do it and writing it up as a Stack Exchange answer (https://vi.stackexchange.com/a/15479/671)

In the “search” side of a regex search-and-replace in Vim, “\n” means newline, like you’d expect. In the “replace” side, however, “\n” means… null. I have never, ever wanted to put a bunch of null bytes into a text file, but I can also never remember which \n means which thing 😔

I’d love to use Micro.blog’s super-low-friction blogging feature, but I just have no interest in my blog posts being spread across two sites. It makes me want to write some code so I can post to my Jekyll site through Micropub.

A German word for the act, after peeling a sticker off of a surface, of repeatedly dabbing the sticker on the surface to pick up the leftover adhesive

Whoever annotated this photo of the Hawaii alert-sending interface only turned a design trainwreck into a two-level design trainwreck 😒

There are two kinds of messaging platforms: those that support “jumbo emoji” and those that are irrelevant.

I spun up an Ubuntu-based VPS a little while ago, intending to move everything there from my existing web server. Turns out, that was so long ago that that version of Ubuntu is no longer supported 😳

I just realized that my vimrc still has a function to insert a C/C++ include guard and I got rid of that sucker fast.

(Still keeping all of my Usenet-formatting functions, though.)